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Meet The Designer:
Hi I’m David Mayer the founder and operator of decorative designs.  I’m a self-made designer with background in decorating, painting, construction, architecture, business and actually pretty much anything that has do with home design and its contents.  I have had a strong passion or as I like to see it an obsession for design since childhood.  I still have fond memories of most all the design and furnishings on television shows that I watched as a child.   My favorite toys were Lego & Lincoln logs and I really went to town with them.  I began designing homes when I was about 9, creating floorplans and renderings and thought I would become an architect.  After beginning to study architecture in college, I realized that my passion was more for interior design.  So I did the only logical thing, I went on to receive my degree in Business Management.  Ok so maybe I could have gone for a degree in design.  In my opinion some things can’t be learned and a true designer or any type of artist for that matter is born with the gift.  This is not something you can be taught unless it is already inside you.  Hence bad design, LOL.  In my case, I have a mind for business coupled with the soul of an artist.  Ok I know by now you must be thinking; what does this all mean for you?  Read on and I will tell you…
When I do any design project, my heart and passion goes into it.  Many of my former clients have become dear friends.  Actually in one way or another most of my friends and family have become my clients as well.  I’m certainly not like the old tale of the shoemaker whose children have no shoes.  As far back as I can remember, friends and relatives have come to me for design advise.  I always love to oblige.  Sometimes it’s pro bono & sometimes for hire, I do give them discounted rates, LOL.  It is funny but on numerous occasions I have been a guest in someone’s home and be the end of the evening we were rearranging their furniture.   Anyway, I’m quite proud and humble of all this.  Design is my gift and I love to share it.  If you hire me, I will share it with you and hopefully we will be both be a bit richer for the experience. 
What makes for a great design?  Well this is a loaded question, with no definitive answer.  The concept of great design will vary depending on who you ask.  The reason is simple, we all have different likes and dislikes & even perceptions.  So why should this be any different in design preferences?  It isn’t.  I live by three rules of great design which are beauty, function and comfort.  My objective is to learn what this means to you and bring it to fruition.  We have a simple motto which is that, WE CHANGE LIVES I ROOM AT A TIME.  We would love to do this for you!
The hub of most homes as a rule but in Manhattan we all know it is usually all about making the most of the space.  We are very well versed with this and concentrate a strong emphasis on space planning, function and how it relates to you.  We will help you determine what features are most important for your needs to create your optimum kitchen.  We tailor this to your taste and budget.  We can create plans and renderings for your new kitchen concept and work with numerous product providers for everything you will need.  We are well versed with Co-op and city rules, regulations and permitting and can guide you accordingly.  We have long standing relationships with general contractors, electricians, plumbers, etc. and can connect you with all craftsmen required for everything you need and can even manage the entire project completely it you desire. 
The bathroom may be the most important space to renovate.  This holds especially true in Manhattan where most of us only have one bathroom and it can be challenge to accomplish white living in your home.  In a nutshell, bathroom renovation involves every facet of design and construction.  It is admittedly probably the most abrasive, costly and time consuming of any renovation and totally worth it!  There is nothing like starting and ending your day in your new beautiful bathroom oasis created just for you.  This is what we will create.  Just like your kitchen, we are well versed with Co-op and city rules, regulations and permitting and can guild you accordingly.  With long standing relationships with general contractors, electricians, plumbers, etc., we can connect you with all craftsmen required for everything you need and can even manage the entire project completely it you desire. 
Furnishings, Fixtures and Everything Else:
Furnishing your home can be very challenging for most people.  With so many styles and options, it can seem like an overwhelming task to undertake.  This can even be more exasperating if you are a couple with apposing ideas.  Don’t get me started, LOL.  Anyway, our philosophy is take a psychological approach at design.  What this means is that we get to know you, your likes, dislikes and preferences.  These are the building blocks to create an optimum environment created just for you.  We work closely with you to be sure that you feel included in the process and take the confusion & frustration out of your hands.  We want your design experience to be fun and interactive.  At the end, you will be thrilled with your environment that you helped create.  We are merely the catalyst. 
Decorative David is very diverse in our design approach.  We have designed spaces in all sorts of styles across the spectrum.  Our only real constant is our three rules of great design as stated previously, which are beauty, function and comfort.  Another words, we will create a space visually and functionally based on you.  This means, your style preferences, the colors you love, the way you like to sit while watching TV, the best storage furniture to accommodate all your stuff and the list goes on.  It is truely all about you!
The Shopping: 
Sourcing products today has changed a great deal from years ago when most everything was found at your local design center, furniture and home improvement store.  There is an endless array of choices via the internet and local stores have become more limited and often can’t be as price competitive.  Decorative David is very versed in today’s product options.  We work with a large database of local providers, stores and custom craftsman and are very well versed with web based options as well.  We are very cost conscious and always try to bring the best value to our customers.  Actually we have traveled with numerous of our clients to Highpoint, NC home to one of the most concentrated areas of design retailers and wholesalers in the country and the world, for that matter.  It is truly the Disneyworld of decorating and design.  The selections and values can be unsurpassed and well worth the trip if you are doing a large project. 
How We Charge:
We generally charge by way of affordable hourly consulting fees.  We will work with your budget and help you determine what services and products will fit into it.  In some cases, we can arrange a fixed price if preferred and in cases such as shopping trips, this can be preferable.  We can also create a comprehensive plan of action and help you determine where money will be best spent.  This can be especially helpful if there are budget constraints.  We can also determine a projected ballpark total of our fees based on this plan.  Whether your pockets are deep or average as most of us, we can all appreciate quality and value.  We strive to bring this to all of our clients and to ensure that you are just as we create comfort in your home, we keep you in your financial comfort zone as well. 
Commercial Spaces:
Commercial spaces can range from retail shops to offices as well as lobby’s, lounges, etc.  Basically it can be any space that that is used by multiple persons.  With this in mind, we work closely with the client (IE, you) to learn their concerns and objectives to make best use of the space.  We strongly consider the appeal to the inhabitants, whether it be employees, customers, or whomever may be passing through.  This can vary a lot depending on what the space is.   Whereas residential design can be very personal and psychologically based, commercial design is less personal and more sociological.  We understand this and try to gear our designs to be the most pleasing to those who will most likely be inhabiting your space.   The end result should be the optimum return on your investment.  We strive for this.
Similar to commercial design, staging is to create an environment that most pleasing to those who will be its likely inhabitants.  Staging is definitely an important portion of commercial however when we specifically use the term staging, it is usually referring to residential real estate and specifically furnishing a vacant space or to modify a furnished space to be more pleasing to the masses.  The reality is that the average person has little vision when perceiving how a space will work for them.  In the Manhattan real estate market prices vary vastly, the wrong first impression can mean losing a buyer or leaving a lot of money on the table.  This is where we come in!    
Summing It Up:
We hope this information about our company has been helpful.  As you can see Decorative David is a boutique interior design and renovation consulting firm that can coordinate everything and everyone you may need for your decorating and remodel endeavors.  We offer personal and dedicated service and look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you
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