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What's over your toilet?

Here are two versions of creating built-in shelving over the toilet.  It is usually a wasted space that now becomes both functional and decorative!

Making a statement!

This transitional style built-in wall system is only 15” at its deepest.  Taking up very little space, it adds a tremendous amount of hidden and decorative storage including a bar & Television area

Don't look under the stairs, unless you want to see this!

This was actually a messy walk-in closet behand a staircase.  By removing the door and adding the cabinetry, it now functions as a bar/library/wine room/pantry and still has lots of hidden storage and is now an open beautiful extension of the home!

wine room
wine bar

Tight on closet space, no problem!

 Adding these built-in wardrobes flanking the entrance added tons of additional closet space.  The mirror doors make the space feel even larger than before. The ledge/shelf at top makes it cohesive and creates a decorative display space.  In this case we incorporated decorative boxes for even more storage!!!

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